“I have been working with Sharon on my journey to partnership for several years. I think my experience is best summed up by saying that I could not have done it without Sharon. Sharon was there for me every step of the way – offering wise counsel and support. She was my rock at times when I was prepared to walk away from the process because the going was just getting too tough! Sharon challenged me (but never in a judgmental way) and made me explore other ways of tackling issues. Her advice was always practical and clear.

What amazed me in working with Sharon was that she never seemed to take any notes during our meetings – she was 100% focused on me during our time together. However, Sharon always remembered what I had said from meeting to meeting and developed the themes we had discussed previously. I have thought long and hard as to how Sharon manages to do this (apart from recognising that she is, of course, some form of super-being!) and think it is because she really cares about you as a person. When you care about someone you don’t take notes when having a conversation with them – you just remember because what’s important to them is important to you too. And this I think is why Sharon is so fantastic as a coach – she cares.

With Sharon’s help I got my promotion to partner, and I intend to carry on working with Sharon as my professional development coach as my new career journey unfolds.”

Stephanie Udall
Partner in a global accountancy firm