“I have worked with Sharon over several years and her energetic, supportive, challenging and insightful approach has helped me turn the personal corner and move forward in a much more positive and confident frame of mind. She aided me in learning much more about myself – what I am good at and where my weaknesses lie – and this allowed me to concentrate on my strengths and not the weaknesses that had held me back. There was a ‘light bulb’ moment with Sharon where I realised I knew myself much better and this has allowed me to give much more focus to my approach both at work and in life. I am now able to be more self-aware and to challenge myself in a much more objective manner. It now seems such a simple thing to me that you cannot improve as a person unless you know yourself well. (Who does not want to become a better person and continually raise the personal bar). Sharon is responsible for helping me realise this and for taking me along the self improvement path. Every conversation with her brings new learning and helps keep my drive going forward. Everyone would benefit from having a Sharon alongside them!”

Mark Wilkinson

Chief Information Officer – Law Society Group